Thursday, October 11, 2012

Conspiracy Victim and Bacon Lover

I wasn't able to write a blog yesterday due to problems with my computer. The modem died, and I wasn't even aware it was alive. I know many of you are probably thinking that things like that happen. However, this dog thinks that I am the victim of a conspiracy to keep me off the Internet. With the Presidential election getting closer, I'm sure that both the candidates are afraid that I will win since I'm going to get the dog vote. It isn't like the humans have a chance of getting the dog vote anyway. I have yet to hear them come up with one issue that dogs take seriously--like the quality of dog kibble or dogs being allowed to go anywhere they want to go. Romney, in particular, is running scared of not getting the dog vote since that incident where he took the family on vacation and had his dog riding on top of the car which did not go over well with the dogs out there. Believe me, those dogs will remember that on election day. Fortunately, I am back on the Internet to write my blogs and to keep everyone informed on the important issues--like when bacon day is observed, and how to keep your humans from moving to some stupid warm climate that would not be fun for a sled dog (even if I have no intention of pulling a sled--that is for the humans to do for the dog). By the way, there is a new day to celebrate which is Bacon for Demon Flash Bandit Day. It thought it up myself, and on this day (which happens to occur everyday), you send me bacon to eat. My address is: Demon Flash Bandit, Howell, MI, United States. Keep that bacon coming because I am very fond of bacon!!! Demon Flash Bandit (Conspiracy Victim and Bacon Lover)

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