Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkins Not Giving Trouble--Yet!

I stopped by a pumpkin patch yesterday to make sure that the pumpkins weren't causing any problems like they did in ancient times. (I covered the killer pumpkins in my recent blog about the origins of pumpkin carving.) I'm sure my readers will be happy to know that the pumpkins are behaving themselves and not causing any problems-at least not yet. A dog does have to keep watch on them to make sure they don't become killer pumpkins because killer pumpkins do not make good Halloween decorations. Sure, they still make good pie, but there are only so many pies a dog can eat. Don't let anyone fool you--the best part of the pumpkin pie is the whipped cream. If you don't have whipped cream, just toss the pie because it is not worth eating. I am planning to go trick or treating this year. I love candy, and I happen to think that my dog costume is a great costume. Of course, every year I make these plans, and every year the humans won't let me go. I don't see why I can't go and get my free candy. They let children trick or treat, and some of them are dressed as animals and monsters. I'm sure the humans would just think I'm a child in a dog costume. Just think of all the delicious candy a dog could eat when he gets home! I think is it unfair that dogs aren't allowed to go trick or treating. I think it is about time we dogs stand up for ourselves and demand our share of the candy. I happen to like candy just as much as any human. Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Loves Candy)

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