Friday, October 12, 2012

Movie Review: Frankenweenie

I just saw the movie, Frankenweenie, for the second time, and the second time was as delightful as the first time. In this movie, Victor loses his dog, Sparky, in a tragic car accident. Sparky is a wonderful dog (what dog isn't?), and Victor is inconsolable at the loss. He is sitting in science class one day when the teacher shows how a dead frog can be made to move his legs with electricity, and Victor comes up with the idea of using electricity to bring Sparky back to life. He is successful, and he brings Sparky back to life, and Sparky is the same, sweet, lovable dog he was before he died. However, when his classmates learn of the experiment's successs, they try it themselves-with disastrous consequences. I do think that Tim Burton should have filmed this movie in color instead of black and white, but he has some odd obsession with filming in black and white. Maybe he is color blind and does not want the rest of us to see color. However, it is still a very good movie. I give it 4 paws up, a tail wag, some kisses, and I might even pee on it if I can get into the projection area. The same thing goes for Angel Zoom Smokey and Phantom Fast Snowman. This is a "must-see" movie. On the human movie scale, I give it a 20 out of 10 which means it is super good. By the way, just because I'm a dog does not mean that I have any bias regarding a movie about a great dog! Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)

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