Thursday, October 25, 2012

Demon Flash Bandit--Dog, not Dinner

I know that I am not the first dog, nor will I be the last dog, to ask. just how stupid are the humans? My humans were watching a program about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objets), and aliens. I did not find the program interesting, and thought they should be watching a movie like Snow Dogs or Eight Below--you know a movie about dogs. This is when the humans got really stupid....Jeff told Mommy that there is some speculation that when an Earthling thinks about aliens or UFOs or talks about them, you are more likely to have an encounter with one. I couldn't believe it...if that is true, then why are the humans watching a television program about them and then talking about it? That should be a subject that no one mentions--like saying Beetlejuice 3 times. Look at what happened when Beetlejuice showed up! He was not a welcome guest! I'm not saying that the "aliens" might not be nice, but who knows? They could be like the ones in that old episode of the Twilight Zone who were here to "serve humans", and then at the end of the show, one of the linquists discovered that the book, "To Serve Humans" was a cookbook. I'm sure the aliens might be nice and helpful, but what if they are just searching the universe for exotic new foods. This dog does not believe in taking chances. I prefer to eat dinner..not be dinner. Demon Flash Bandit (Not an Entree)

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