Thursday, October 18, 2012

Demon Flash Bandit: Superdog!

I was unable to write a blog yesterday so the humans probably had a bad day in which they just sat around wondering what to do with themselves. Unless, of course, that human is wise enough to have a dog of his own to tell him what to do. Without us dogs, the humans are always lost! Believe me, it is hard enough for a dog like myself to keep up with all my activities. I have to make sure my own humans don't do anything stupid everyday, and that is a big task. Then I have to make sure Angel Zoom Smokey does not steal any of my treats. I also write a diary on which chose my diary as a diary pick today. Then I have serious napping to accomplish. I often wonder how I fit all my many activities into one 24 hour period, but I manage to to do. With all I do in a day's time, I must be as busy as Krypto, Superman's dog--and I accomplish so much without the aid of superpowers! Demon Flash Bandit (Superdog)

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