Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alligators Touring Long Island, New York

Two alligators who were vacationing on Long Island in New York, returned to their Florida home after a week of seeing all the sights in the area. The alligators had taken in two Broadway shows--Spiderman and The Lion King which both agreed were well worth the trip. However, they did indicate that neither compared to Capone's Dinner Theatre in Kissimmee, Florida. Of course, that was probably because alligators do enjoy eating, and Capone's is a dinner theatre. They also took in some museums, and in particular found the Metropolitan Museum of Art to be worth the visit. They made sure they went to the Bronx Zoo to see the famous cobra that was in the Internet news about a year ago having escaped from the zoo. The cobra gave them many valuable tips about what to see in the city since the cobra had been to many of the things himself and tweeted about them while on the loose. You would think he would have been found faster since he was tweeting where he was. I guess the humans who run the zoo aren't on twitter. The gators said they had a nice time, but like all vacations, there comes the time when you want to get back home, and they do love the swamps of Florida. They will be recommending a NYC vacation to their gator friends so I'm guessing that alligators might soon become a major tourist group in NYC. I'm sure New Yorkers will take advanatage of that, and start having more alligator friendly places--like maybe some "swamp" hotels so the gators will fell more at home there. I do hope that the gators wait until spring to do the travelling because I do not think that the gators would enjoy New York in the autumn or winter since they tend to like to be where it is warm. I also want to mention that the gators were pleased with their reception. They said they were worried that they might be mugged because of all the negative publicity NYC gets about muggings, but no one bothered them-and considering the popularity of alligator shoes and handbags, that shows that NYC is happy to have the gators visiting. For those who don't believe that alligators have been touring NYC, here is the link to the story: If you represent a city's tourist department, and you would like the alligators to visit your city, here is the address to contact them: Alligator Travel Agency, Everglades, Florida. I'm sure that they will send some representative gators to check out your city, and if it meets their approval, your city will be filled with alligators too! Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Alligator Tourists)

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