Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life of a Dog Blogger

Today I am preparing for my visit from the television show, Life of a Dog Blogger.  Most dogs would be excited to be on a television show, but when you are a famous blogger like myself, you get used to these kind of things.  After all, I'm always being asked to star in movies and television shows, but I have other more important things to do with my time.  There is the doorbell...that means the host of the show is here.  I'll let my humans answer the door for me because that is their job.  That is why they are live-in help.  I'll go and grace the host with my appearance and then I will come back to let my readers know how it turned out.  Later....I think the show went well.  The host of the show was very impressed with my lifestyle, and who wouldn't be?  I have McDonalds hamburgers for dinner just about everyday, and we all know how much the humans love to eat there.  I have several cool places to sleep besides the bed.  One of my favorite ones is at the French doors on the slate the humans put at the door so that the people would not step  immediately onto the oak floors when entering the house from those doors.  For those of us who are of the Siberian husky species, it makes a cool spot in which to lay , andI like the cool temperature.  In addition, I get to look out at the deck, and I can see the road next to the house (the house is on a corner) so I can also watch traffic if I get bored.  I showed him my toy box of which I happen to be very proud.  I particularly like the toy that squeaks no matter where you touch it.  I find it fascinating!  I also have a vast collection of rawhide bones.  I tried to get them insured, but for some stupid reason, insurance companies are reluctant to insure items you plan to eat.  They seem to think it is not a wise investment.  Obviously, these insurance companies are run by humans because a dog would consider a bone more valuable than anything else in this house.  The show will be airing on the Siberian Husky  channel on October 30, 2012 at 8:00pm EST.  Be sure and watch because I happened to look incredibly cute--as usual!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Blogger)

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