Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dogs are used to going outside to water and fertilize the trees and shrubs, and I'm sure those plants are pleased to have us dogs around to take care of them. There was a time when humans used to go outside for the same reason. They had a little building called an outhouse which they used because there was no "inside outhouse". There are still a few humans today who use this method, but it has become very much a thing of the past for most of the humans. However, this dog was curious so I did some research on the subject. You'll be happy to know that there are websites dedicated to this subject so it must be one of those nostalgic type subjects the humans love to reminisce about. One website, The Outhouses of America Tour is a wonderful resource for those who want to read more about this delightful subject. The web address is:

You might think that websites are the only way to find out more about outhouses, but there is actually a museum dedicated to outhouses in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, which is in Canada for my readers who weren't fond of geography. For those who would like more information on visiting this museum, you can find check out its website:

One advantage to the old days of the outhouse from a dog's point of view is that it was a lot harder to bother a dog by giving him a bath back then. With progress, there comes more baths. It does make this dog wonder if those really weren't the good old days for dogs. I think I'll have to try to find some dogs old enough to remember those days so I can ask them about how they were.

If your humans are looking for a fun vacation spot, I think The Outhouse Museum sounds like a good choice. I wonder--do they allow dogs?

Demon Flash Bandit (Wondering About the "Good Old Days")

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