Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guarding Bones

Mommy has a lot of seasons of that television show, CSI (Canines Sniffing Items), which I have watched along with her. I might add for a show that is supposed to be about dogs sniffing things, there doesn't seem to be any dogs in the episodes. I can only assume that the humans are playing the parts of dogs since dogs would be so expensive to hire that it might make the program cost too much to film. I do think the human actors aren't doing a good job since I never see them sniffing around like they are supposed to be doing. However, the show did have one thing that I got my interest. It seems that when a crime has been committed, the police have this wonderful yellow tape they put around the scene which tells everyone else to stay away. I managed to get myself some of that tape. If a dog wants to get it without having to buy it, I would suggest going out in the neighborhood with the children who are going for trick or treat on Halloween. A lot of humans use it for decorating, and you can score some crime scene tape, and get some candy in the deal---the humans think you are a kid wearing a dog costume.

You might ask me, Demon Flash Bandit, why would you want crime scene tape? There is an excellent answer to this question. The tape tells people to stay away, and I wanted Angel Zoom Smokey to stay away from my rawhide bones and toys. I gathered up all the toys and rawhide bones I could find in the house, and I got a box of milk bones out of the kitchen cabinets, and I put the crime tape around my stuff, and now Angel Zoom Smokey can't cross the tape or she could be arrested. So far, she has stayed away, but she is getting a bit mouthy so I might have to have a couple of policemen come by the house and talk to her or maybe get her in one of those "scared straight" programs where they take the potential criminal to see actual prisoners. A dog can't be too careful when it comes to a dog's possessions!

I might add that I have been told by other dogs that crime scenes are great places to score some new bones. The dogs told me that the most important part is to get to the crime scene before the police get there because, once they put the tape up, forget it--a dog can't cross the tape. This makes me wonder why Dexter, television's serial killer doesn't have a dog to help him clean up the crime scene. What better way to dispose of a body? When a dog gets a new bone, that dog doesn't tend to ask questions--what if you don't like the answer?

Demon Flash Bandit (Crime Scene Tape--Buy it if You Have to)

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