Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a Rap Dogg

Last night I was sitting around watching television when I had one of my brilliant ideas. I could tell it was a true work of genius because I could see that light bulb over my head that always shows up when an idea is of genius quality. I have been wondering if I there is a career path I should be following, and that is when the idea arrived. I should be a rapper. My name is Demon Flash Bandit. Although I am a sweet dog, and the name is a ironic, Demon is still a great name for a rapper. Bandit is also a wonderful name since it implies that I steal stuff. I mostly steal hearts, and that brownie Mommy had in her hand last week, but in the entertainment industry, you don't have to stick with facts. When Mommy and Jeff went to the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas a few years ago, Angel Zoom Smokey and myself were left in a kennel, which is doggy jail so I have street credibility due to my incarceration in the kennel. I live about 2 hours from Detroit so I can talk about my life on the streets of Detroit. I realize that the streets of Howell aren't exactly the same, but Howell has its share of low lifes too. For example, there is a coyote that lives in the neighborhood. I think he is a drug dealer because he is always hiding so I'm assuming he is wanted by the police. I know that you can't always listen to rumors, but the beavers and the feral cats are not fond of him, and they keep hoping the police will drag him to coyote jail. I have not had the heart to tell them that I think this area isn't that hard on crime because there is a special jail that coyotes like him can go to, and it is kind of easy time if you ask me. To make the animals feel better, they don't even call it prison--it is called the Howell Nature Center. Humans make sure the animals there are fed and taken care of. I personally think you should be tougher on criminals, but sometimes the justice system is just too lax.

I'm sure by now you understand why I would be such a convincing rap star. I would probably be close pals with Snoop Dogg since he is also a Dogg, and I have to give the humans in rap credit for complimenting each other by calling each other dogs. If you ask me, that is the ultimate compliment a human can receive. Like Snoop Dogg, I would also be willing to be in movies as long as the pay is good.

I've even written some rap songs which will be released soon since I have already signed a contract with a recording company. Look for them on the Great Dane label.

1. Dog in the Hood
2. That Bitch was Best of her Breed
3. Dealing With The Hu-MAN
4. Don't Mess with my Food.
5. Keep Your Paws off My Bone

I am going to be a busy dogg once I start touring, but I will continue to keep my fans updated on my latest activities with this blog.

Demon Flash Bandit (Future Rap Star)


  1. Woooos Demon Flash Bandit, since woo are going to be famous rap star could woo send me woo paw print? I could be the beawootiful girl in the videos!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  2. Wooos! I almost furgot, I left an award fur woo over on my blog!

  3. Demon Flash Bandit here--even if the computer says Donna. I still say this computer is out to get me--I think it took that little I'm going to eat the computer joke a bit to seriously. Thanks for your support Kira. Of course, you can be the beautiful girl husky in my video. Thanks for the award.