Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Waiting To Collect my Money

The lottery is a human game where you pick some numbers and pay some money, and if the numbers that are chosen by the state match the numbers you chose, you can win lots of money. When I heard this idea, I was so happy. I was thinking that I could be buying Burger King, Yummy Chummies, and dingo bones for the rest of my life with my lottery winnings. It made me wonder why some of the humans complain about not having enough money when they could just take a dollar and make millions from it. Of course, I just assumed it was because the humans are not the most intelligent of the species roaming around so I thought maybe the reason they didn't win was because they chose alphabet letters instead of numbers. Okay, I admit--after observing the humans, I tend to assume they are stupid. However, since I happen to be a dog, and therefore, intelligent, I gave the human my money and chose the 6 numbers and waited for the drawing so I could redeem my ticket for lots of money. Imagine my surprise when the state picked the wrong numbers. I immediately hired a lawyer to sue the state for choosing the wrong numbers. You would think the humans who "lose" would have thought of that, but as I said, they aren't very smart.

Demon Flash Bandit (Waiting on My Money)

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