Saturday, May 15, 2010

ComicCon: Dogs Should Be Allowed to Attend

My human brother, Jeff is not here with me today. He is at the ComicCon in Novi, Michigan. He goes there every year. They have celebrities there to sign autographs. This dog has to announce that I am not impressed with the celebrities that come to the convention. The dogs from Snow Dogs and Eight Below have never made an appearance to give their pawtographs nor have the dogs from Air Bud, Air Buddies, or any of the other movie dogs that this dog would like to meet. Adam West will be there. Do the people running that convention really think television's Batman or mayor from Family Guy is better than a celebrity dog? If I was going to book a character from Family Guy, I would have booked Brian or if I was going for a human, that Stewie character. Do you know how hard it is for a baby to play that role? Most babies aren't able to do much of anything so Stewie's character is truly gifted.

I hate to report this fact, but dogs aren't allowed at the ComicCon. Yes, you read correctly--dogs are not allowed (unless of course, they are service dogs). I suppose this is why they don't book celebrity dogs--they are biased against dogs. They let all sorts of weird looking characters into the convention. Mommy says she has seen Storm Troopers and even Darth Vader, but dogs aren't allowed! If you ask me, the people running it must be insane. Who would want to let someone as evil as Darth Vader enter and refuse entry to a super cute dog? Maybe he is using that mind power Jedi trick on them or maybe they are afraid of him, but it is wrong--just plain wrong. One day, I am going to have a DogCon, and I'm not going to let the humans enter unless they are service humans. That will teach the humans to be prejudiced against us dogs.

Demon Flash Bandit (Could Give Pawtographs at the ComicCon If I Were ALLOWED)

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