Friday, May 21, 2010

Board Games Are Fun

My humans were playing a dvd board game of The Office, which I insisted on playing along with them. I chose to be the character, Michael (he is the boss on the show), and I won the game. I have long been a fan of The Office. My "peeps" didn't understand how much I liked the show until Mommy bought a season of it that came with a Dundee award and a bobblehead. No matter where Mommy put them, when Mommy would leave the bedroom to get on the computer, Angel Zoom Smokey and myself would get the two items and divide them between us. I usually got the Dundee award. We never hurt them--we know awards when we see them, but it was then that Mommy realized that whenever she put the dvd of The Office on, Angel and myself would get quiet-so she then realized that we liked the show. I do have to admit that I don't like what has been going on in the past couple of seasons. I thought Michael Scott Paper Company should have held out with its lower prices and put Dunder Mifflin out of business. Ryan should have had to stay in jail if there was any real justice since I always found his character annoying. Ryan is lucky that Demon Flash Bandit is not running the justice system. Anyway, the humans were playing the game and they allowed me to play because I insisted. I kept climbing into their laps, and I even got under the table and shook it so that the game would have fallen if they didn't let me play. If you saw the movie, Eight Below, you would know that we huskies like to be included in the activities of our humans. As much as I enjoyed playing the game, it was actually not designed for dogs to play. It was kind of awkward trying to move the game piece with my paw, and I could have used one of the bone carrying pocket protectors I wrote about in a past blog to carry my money. It is hard for a dog to hold Shrute bucks in a paw. I started wondering why there are no board games made for dogs. Of course, before assuming they didn't exist, I got on the Internet, and I found that board games for dogs do exist. I found this website with 9 dog games listed. The site is:

I have to admit that I have never played any of these games, but they do look interesting. The only problem around here is that Angel Zoom Smokey would probably want to play too--and she isn't good at taking turns. Anyway, if you can talk your human into buying you one of these BOARD games, you won't be BORED. You know I had to say that, didn't you?

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Board Games)

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