Saturday, May 22, 2010

My New Film Release

I was watching a trailer for that new movie that is coming to theatres soon, Sex in the City 2. In this movie, the ladies will be travelling to another part of the world where they can look for expensive shoes, complain, and solve crimes. Okay, they only did the crime solving on one episode, but it was the best episode of the show ever filmed. Because I don't like shoes on my paws in the first place and there was no promises of crime solving, I skipped seeing the first movie, but I do think if they made a movie with the crime solving unit, I would go and see it. In the episode I'm discussing, a pair of shoes was stolen, and they called in the special unit of the police, SFU (Shoe Finding Unit). The purpose of this unit is to solve all crimes involving stolen shoes. These humans aren't the happiest of the humans because their overtime pay is very limited. Anyway, they put that wonderful crime scene tape around the area where the shoes were stolen. Then they went to a normal shoe store and brought in a pair of shoes like most humans wear and told the horse face girl that they had recovered her shoes. She couldn't tell the difference so she was happy, and she threw herself a party--I think it was an I'm not married or I'm not having a baby or I found my shoes party so that she would have her friends bring her gifts. I thought perhaps if she resented giving gifts to her friends so much on their special occasions, she should just quit buying them gifts, I suppose buying gifts and then complaining about buying them makes a lot more sense to a human. To a dog, it is insane. I don't care how much I love my pal, it does not mean I will be giving him a dingo bone because it is mine, all mine.

The good news in this blog is that I am going to film my own film which will be released from the Demon Flash Bandit studio. It will be called Sex in the Country and it follows the love story of two couples: a bull and a cow and the other couple: a rooster and a hen There will be a lot less shopping and complaining. The animals actually like each other which is what most audiences hope for from couples who are in love.

Demon Flash Bandit (Film Maker)

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