Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another Vampire Television Show: New Ideas Needed!

Mommy went to see the movie, Prince of Persia, yesterday, which she said was a good movie for those who might be wondering. However, she is not a fan of the commercial ads that so many theatres seem to think are important to show before they show movie trailers of soon to be released movies. Don't even get her started--you pay to see the movie, and then they make you watch commercials. Of course, many movie patrons have decided to start coming later so they manage to miss the ads. I suspect that is what they are trying to do. Anyway, one of the ads was for a new television show called The Gates. Mommy is of the opinion that the entertainment market has already been over saturated by vampires and should find some new and more interesting subjects. Do you really expect us to believe that there are that many vampire actors to fill all these roles? Most vampires like to keep a low profile because the entire world is not filled with their fans. My human daddy had one set of grandparents that came from the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania in Romania, and his mother took the whole vampire subject very seriously. I suppose if you live near Count Vlad's (Dracule's) castle, the subject might be a bit closer to home than for those of us in other parts of the world. I think most of us wouldn't want to meet up with a vampire if they did exist yet so many Twilight fans seem to think it is the most romantic thing in the world. Personally, this dog thinks romance goes out the window once stealing the human's blood is involved. I have yet to hear a date account that goes like this: "yes it was so romantic. After dinner, we sat and talked and my very pale boyfriend decided to bite my neck and drink my blood. Sure, Dracula was romantic in the movie, Love At First Bite, but Twilight is just silly if you ask this dog. If I meet a girl who wants to drink my blood, she is in for a fight. I can bite back, and I have nice strong Siberian Husky teeth. If God had meant for blood to be a drink, he would have put it in soda dispensers. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, and I would suggest if you meet a vampire, do the sensible thing and run away--a dog can never be too careful!

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Fan of Vampires)


  1. Mom says they are all just imitating the bestest one of all time: Dark Shadows!


  2. Mommy used to watch Dark Shadows when she was young, but it was a lot more interesting than many of the new shows featuring vampires.