Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Brilliant Idea from the Mind of Demon Flash Bandit

Since many of the humans have been upset in recent years over the rise in gas prices, today's blog will be information that they can use. Yes, Demon Flash Bandit has found a way to operate a car without using gas or electricity. This is truly an exciting moment for me, and I have even put on some doggy cologne in preparation for all the television interviews that I will be asked to do. I'm expecting a call from the White House at any moment now. The silly part is that it is such a simple idea, but as usual, it takes a dog to solve the humans' problems. This idea is given in my blog without any thought for personal gain because, as everyone knows, we dogs are the humans' best friends. Therefore, we love to help them.

The car manufacturers need to start making cars with pedals. I got this idea from a car Mommy has for auction on ebay. It is a miniature pedal car like the human children used to use (and some still do) before they started making electric cars for children. It is also the principle behind bikes. Sure, Fred Flintstone has a car that doesn't use gas, but it is a lot more trouble than a pedal car. Stone age people were seriously lacking in technology although it is amazing what they could do with what they had. Their labor saving devices like their vacuums and dishwashers would be hard to duplicate today because I doubt that you could find such cooperative animals to do the work. The added advantage of making large pedal cars for humans would be that they would get more exercise, and if you are around my humans, you will know that many of the humans are not fond of exercise and will only do it when they have to. Even the laziest of humans will usually get up and go outside if the house is on fire, but I'm guessing that it helps if there is nothing good on television at the time. Anyway, the next time you see your dog laying around looking like he is sleeping, don't assume his brain isn't working. I thought up this brilliant idea while I looked like I was napping. Sometimes it is just too much trouble for a dog to keep ones' eyes open.

Demon Flash Bandit (Inventor)

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