Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't Spy On A Dog!

I have some good news for readers who live in Texas and shop at Costco. I am on Arctic Paws email list because they make Yummy Chummies, and they are wonderful dog treats. Anyway, yesterday I got an email saying that they are shipping a large order of them to Costcos in Texas next month. I wonder how long it would take a dog to get to Texas from Michigan.

Today I am going to discuss cameras. I don't mind cameras if they take a photo of a dog looking cute for the humans to ooh and aah over. However, when the camera is one of those web cams that can take videos of a dog doing something he isn't supposed to do, that is a different matter. The worst part of the web cam is that they are broadcast via the Internet to humans all over the world who can actually see a dog when he is getting into trouble. If they could stick to a cat cam (a web cam that shows a cat getting into trouble), dogs would be okay with that. However, we don't need to have the whole world see us decide to get the human food off the counter, or see us eat a piece of furniture. This whole web cam idea is one that should have been stopped before it was started. Fortunately, I am a good dog who doesn't get into trouble, but a dog has to watch out for other dogs. If you are a dog, and a web cam is brought into the house, throw it in the trash immediately. If a new computer with a built in web cam is brought home, find a way to disable the camera--even if you can only put something over it so that it can't see anything. I suggest putting a paw in front of it, and then put on a sign that says talk to the paw. That should teach the humans to spy on a dog.

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Fan Of Web Cams)

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