Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to All My Readers

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I know most of my readers already know what Mother's Day is about, but I like to educate the few who might not already know about the holiday. Mother's Day is a day set aside for a Mother to buy her furry children gifts so that she can show how much she appreciates them. I guess the meaning wasn't too clear around here because this dog did not get any gifts from Mommy. She buys me stuff all the time. However, today, a day set aside to give a dog gifts, she didn't even get me Burger King for dinner. I had to settle for chicken. I love Mommy, but I am hoping that she reads the real story of Mother's Day so that she doesn't mess up next year's celebration!

My fellow Siberian husky, Angel Zoom Smokey has been carrying her 3 stuffed husky puppies through the house and complaining that they didn't buy her any gifts. I know it isn't easy for them to buy gifts since they never go shopping. However, considering that Angel has bitten off their eyes and nose, I suspect they didn't feel she deserved a gift. She said that it isn't a gift for Mother of the Year, but a gift for your Mother. I think she has her stuffies on that point.

I did get a promise of Burger King tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some new toys too. A dog can never get too many toys! I hope all my readers had a happy Mother's Day--whether they are Mothers or not, and I hope all my furry readers had humans who understand the holiday.

Demon Flash Bandit (Wishing Everyone a Happy Mother's Day)

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