Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bugs Bunny: Actor Who Deserves an Oscar

I was watching a television show yesterday starring a very talented actor named Bugs Bunny. I was so impressed with his show, that I am hoping to book him to entertain at my birthday party. Although I seriously doubt that a star of his calibre would make a personal appearance unless he is paid a lot of money, he deserves whatever he demands. I probably can't afford to hire him, but he would be a cool entertainer to have at my party, and I would give him all the carrots he can eat.

I have observed that he does have a problem with Albuquerque. I could offer to give him a map of the United States and include a very detailed map of New Mexico so that he doesn't get lost quite so much.

I might add that he makes one good looking girl rabbit. Sure, other actors have dressed as women, but few of them can pull off the look as good as Bugs Bunny does. Has he ever received a well deserved Oscar?

I would love to have his pawtograph. Does anyone know if he does personal appearances?

Demon Flash Bandit (Fan Of Bugs Bunny)


  1. Bugs Bunny? Hmmm.... sounds edible.....

    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  2. Perhaps a bunny might not want to appear at a party with dogs or cats.LOL