Friday, April 30, 2010

Trees---This Dog Loves Them

Today I am going to discuss something near and dear to a dog's heart--trees. I have yet to meet a dog who didn't love trees. I might add that trees owe a lot to us dogs too because we never forget to water them. Trees give a dog shade in the summer, and provide sticks with which we can play. Most trees just kind of stand around in one spot and keep quiet, but there are trees like the ones in Lord of the Rings, who decide to move around and fight the villains. The only sad thing about trees is that birds use them which is not the fault of the trees. No self respecting tree wants to help a bird, but because most of them don't move around, the birds take advantage of the tree. Next time you are watering a tree, and you see a bird sitting on one of its branches, bark at it and try to get it to move. If the tree is the type of tree that can talk, it will thank you. If it can't talk, you know it appreciates your thoughtfulness.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Loves Trees)


  1. You know what? Woodpeckers have a big time vendetta against trees!

  2. Trees khan also be a khlubhouse fur Evil Skhwirrels -

    We must be furry vigilant!