Friday, April 9, 2010

King Demon Flash Bandit

Today this dog saw the perfect house for me on the internet. It is the Bouldin Castle in Austin, Texas. Of course, I would need to have a castle built for me in a cooler climate than Texas, but I do think a castle would suit my personality. I am king around here. I also think BK could build a restaurant in the back yard since BK's burgers are the king of the burgers, it would be an appropriate place for one of the restaurants. I 'm quite sure that this dog could keep them busy so they wouldn't have to be open to the general public.

I think I could be very happy living in a castle. It would also be fun telling the humans they can't sit on my throne. I know they allow me to sit on any furniture I want to sit on. However, since it would be my castle, and I would be the king, there have to be rules. You can't let the human peasants sit on your furniture. I would let them stay and continue to serve me. I do love my humans, and I also like them taking care of me. I would pass some new laws that should have been passed a long time ago. Dogs would be allowed to go wherever they please. The human rules I posted in a past blog would be the law of the land.

I would have knights because knights always follow days anyway, and I see no sense in changing that order just because I am the king. I would also have a court jester--you know a human acting silly to make this dog laugh. The humans wouldn't even have to try that hard--they usually make us dogs laugh no matter what they do. They are a very funny species.

I have to go now. I need to shop for a crown on the internet. There has to be a website where they sell crowns for dogs!!

Demon Flash Bandit (KING Demon Flash Bandit)

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