Sunday, April 18, 2010

Success or Failure Can Depend on Spelling

Since the weather is getting warmer, this dog is getting a bit too warm. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw the product, Kool-Aid, advertised since I could use a product that would help keep a dog cool. You can imagine my frustration when I got the product home and discovered that it does little to keep a dog cool unless you put ice in it and pour it all over yourself, which is way too much like a bath for this dog's taste. In fact, I could get just as cool just pouring ice water over myself without the kool-aid. I decided that this was an obvious case of false advertising so I decided to talk to my doggy lawyer, Phineas P. Pitbull about suing the Kool-Aid company. It seems that I don't have a case because the people at that company misspelled the word "cool", and since "kool" isn't officially a word, this dog does not have a case. I'm am writing this as a warning to all the other dogs out there---check the spelling before you buy a product--sometimes companies misspell things to fool a dog.


  1. Woooos! Kool-aid... Mum bought me a kool bed once, but I ate it.
    Getting wet is ok as long as I decide when where and fur how long, with no shampoo....

    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  2. If you read my blog about rules for humans, baths are only to be given with a dog's approval, and that approval has to be notarized. A dog can't be too careful about avoiding baths.

  3. Once again, the silly computer is giving my human credit for my comment--you know humans program them.....