Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rare Discoveries and Great Inventions: Keeping Up With Both

The big animal news is that a "yeti" has been found in China. If you ask me, the animal kind of looks like a sloth, but I won't argue with the people who say it's a yeti. In fact, I've even thought of a couple of cool names for it depending on its gender. A girl yeti could be named, Betty the Yeti, and a boy could be named Eddy the Yeti. If I had a yeti as a pet, those are the names I would use. Do you think they built that wall around China to keep the yeti from getting out? Yeti does look kind of cute in the photo posted on the internet so maybe the ancient Chinese were just trying to keep other places from getting them as pets. Let's face it, look what happened in the movie Gremlins when Gizmo wasn't taken care of properly. Could the yeti turn into a Gremlin type creature if he is fed after midnight or if he gets wet? It does make a dog wonder.

I think I should take this opportunity to mention one of the greatest inventions of the century--the spork. That is right, instead of having to use a plastic spoon or a plastic fork, you have the all purpose spoon and fork combined or spork. This is so much fun to watch the humans use because the best part is that it usually breaks before their meal is over. Dogs don't need silly utensils like that. We just put our mouths right up to the food and eat it. If the humans were more like dogs, they would not need spoons, forks, or sporks. They have to complicate everything, don't they?

I hope all my readers have a nice, safe weekend.

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