Monday, April 5, 2010

Everybody Run--The Dog Has a Gun

This dog likes to enjoy reading a good dog magazine so I was checking the internet for magazines that are meant for dogs, and I came across one entitled, Gun Dog. I have to admit that I do not carry a gun and most dogs I know do not carry guns so it perked my interest just to think about what kind of dog would be "packing heat". I can only imagine what kind of dog would be reading this magazine. Are they police dogs who carry guns to protect their human partners from bad guys? Those are the dogs wearing the police badges. Are they cowboy dogs who carry guns so they can shoot at snakes or at bad guys in shoot outs? You can tell the cowboy dogs from their outfits--they wear cowboy hats and bandannas. Are they red neck dogs who ride around in pick up trucks wearing Nascar hats and possibly chewing tobacco? Are they dogs from the hood who are tough dogs who might even be dealing in drugs. I once heard about a dog who was using needles to put milkbones directly into his veins--he said eating them took too long to get that wonderful "full" feeling. Perhaps some of them are hunting dogs who have lazy humans who are too lazy to shoot at the prey themselves so they let their dogs carry the gun. One thing I can tell you, you don't mess with a dog who is carrying a gun. After much thought, I think the magazine probably caters to all those groups, and it is endorsed by the DORA--Dogs Owning Rifles Association (not to be confused with that Dora who is always exploring somewhere). I know if I owned a magazine, I would want to make all the money I could publishing it so I would not want to leave anyone out. I should have my humans pick up a copy of it for me so I can see exactly what the magazine is like. Who would have thought gun toting dogs would have their own magazine?

Demon Flash Bandit (Everybody Run--the Dog Has a Gun!)

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