Monday, December 10, 2012

Treasure in the Yard?

The humans seem to have a tough time understanding why a dog likes to dig in the yard.  Of course, there is the obvious reason that we are trying to make the landscaping look better.  Flat, grass filled yards are boring, and a few holes add that air of distinction to a yard that only a dog can provide.  However, there are more practical reasons for a dog to dig, and that is because from the time we are puppies, all dogs have heard the "tails" of BlackWhiskers, the pirate dog who sailed the seven seas and has buried caches of treasure all over the world.  Yes, treasure chests full of exotic bones from all over the world.  There isn't a dog around who has not dreamed of finding this treasure trove for himself (or herself).  The stories of milkbones, dingo bones, and plush dog toys are hard to resist so we dogs go outside and start digging just in case that treasure is hidden in our own yard.  For humans reading this, the next time your dog digs a hole in the yard, remember, he or she is only looking for buried treasure left by a dog pirate!

Demon Flash Bandit (Looking For Treasure)

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