Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 21,2012: Not the End of the World

How many of the dogs reading this blog were amused that some of the humans thought that the world was going to end yesterday?  The humans are always such a wonderful source of entertainment for us dogs.  The Mayans were a very advanced civilization, but my assumption was that the calendar would probably start all over again once it reached the last date, just as our modern calendars do each year.   Besides, how do we know that everything was translated properly since they were an ancient people and none of them are around to explain their calendar to us?  However, when some of the humans think that the world is going to end, they do such entertaining things that we dogs don't want to ruin the fun with logic.  I wasn't around when 1999 ended and so many of the humans thought that the computers would go crazy and things would quit working.  We dogs think that machines wouldn't really think about it, but just go on and do what they are supposed to do as always.  Sure, computers are smart, but they can't really think like a dog does.  I have to admit that my humans weren't any fun yesterday because they did not think the world would end.  However,  I did enjoy hearing about the ones who did think it was the end.  It must have been great for the dogs who have those humans.  I bet they were enjoying a great day watching the silly humans act stupid.

Demon Flash Bandit (Enjoying the Silly Human Behavior)

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