Thursday, December 27, 2012

Demon Flash Bandit: He-Dog

One of my human brothers used to be very fond of a television program called He-Man, Masters of the Universe.  He-Man was actually Prince Adam, but when there was trouble on Eternia (the planet on which he lived), he would become a superman type character called He-Man.  I thought I would watch this program and write about it to let my readers know whether it is worth watching.  Although it is not a bad show, I think it would have been better if I had played the part of He-Dog.  Normally, I would be Prince Demon Flash Bandit, a regular, handsome dog who likes to nap and enjoy treats (particularly bacon).  However, when an evil dude like Skeletor comes along (he was the lead villian in the show), I could grab a bone and say, "by the power of dogdom, I have the power.  He-Man used to grab a sword and say, "by the power of Grayskull, I have the power".  Another improvement I would make if I were He-Dog is that He-Man used to ride Battle Cat, and there is no way a dog would ride a cat into battle.  Even though I don't mind cats, I still would not want to ride one into battle.  Cats are just way too unpredictable.  I would also make sure that, when I caught Skeletor, there would be no more problems with him because a skeleton is just a bunch of bones, and all us dogs know what to do with them.  I would chew them into powder, and Skeletor would no longer be bothering anyone on Eternia.  I also think that a dog would have an advantage with Stinkor since we don't tend to to pass judgement on smells.  They are odors, and not good or bad--just fun to sniff.  I might add that I would make  a great He-Dog because we huskies are muscular and I'm also handsome--at least that is what the humans are always telling me.  If the movie studios want to make a He-Dog film, I'm available, but don't expect me to work for regular rawhide bones.  I would demand dingo bones!

Demon Flash Bandit (He-Dog)

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