Sunday, December 16, 2012

Letter to Santa Paws

Have the dogs reading this written their letters to Santa Paws yet?  If not, you had better get busy writing  because the "Big Dog" is very busy this time of year and you want to make sure he brings you want you want.  I am sharing my letter to Santa Paws in this blog so that, if he doesn't have time to read it personally, he can always read my blog to see what I want.

Dear Santa Paws,
I've been a very good dog this year, and I am sure that you will take that into consideration when you are bringing my Christmas gifts.  I want a lot of dingo bones-maybe a truck load might be enough although I don't think a dog can ever get too many of those tasty rawhide bones.  I want some new toys.  Some McDonalds gift certificates would be nice, but my humans take care of my regular food so that part is optional.  I know you have a lot of dogs for which to bring gifts, so I don't have anymore additional things to ask for.  However, it would be nice if you could do something to keep Angel Zoom Smokey from annoying me.  She is under the mistaken idea that some "dog" things in the house are hers when they are all mine.  I have a few ideas from tranquilizers and mind control to having you put her in your bag to take her back to the North Pole with you.  I do like her, but she has never learned that I'm the lead dog in this family despite me trying to teach her since she was a puppy. 

Thanks in advance for all the great stuff you will bring me!

                  Love,  Demon Flash Bandit

Demon Flash Bandit (My Letter to Santa Paws)

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