Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean: Too Many Birds in Movies

Today I want to discuss the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.  After 4 have been made, I still see no one in the media wondering why birds hold such important roles in the films.  First, you have the star, Captain Jack SPARROW-  sparrows are birds.  Another main character, Elizabeth SWAN, is also a bird's name since swans are birds.  The only role that should be played by a bird--the pirate's "pet" is played by a monkey.  I think these are excellent movies, but I have to wonder why birds were so important to the movies.  I hope that the names are mere coincidences, but I do think that studios should pay more attention to things like that in the future.  In fact, Hollywood has a lot of actors with bird names so how do we dogs know that it is not a conspiracy to get the humans to like birds?  I am going to list some Hollywood names that involve birds:
Russell CROW, Ethan HAWKE, MARTIN Landau, Dean MARTIN, Steve MARTIN, JAY Leno, MARTIN, Scorsesi, MARTIN Sheen, MARTIN Short, and ROBIN Williams.  Perhaps these bird names do not bother the humans, but we dogs think that the number of "humans" with bird names is excessive, and a dog should be investigating this matter before birds take over the entire world!

Demon Flash Bandit (Warning About Birds)

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