Saturday, December 15, 2012

Searching for Big Paws

A new creature has been evading the scientific community.  This creature has been spotted occasionally, and it is described as a super big dog or, by his scientific name, Big Paws.  This is the dog version of Big Foot.  From the description given by people who have seen him, he is a very large creature who looks like a dog.  I plan to go on a scientific expedition to find Big Paws in the near future.  I have been packing all the necessary equipment for the expedition.  I have procured a recreational vehicle with all the amenities.  You don't expect dog like myself to "rough" (or "ruff) it in the wilderness, do you?  I am used to a certain standard of living.  I have also packed a week's supply of hamburgers so I will have some decent food to eat when I get hungry.  I have a flashlight and a camera in case I run into Big Paws.  I really don't care if I prove to the world he exists or not.  I mainly want to tell him to stay away from my buried bones in my yard.  I take those bones very seriously, as any dog would.

Demon Flash Bandit (Searching for Big Paws)

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