Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Singing Spiderman

Perhaps you have heard about the new Broadway musical starring Spiderman. Since dogs are not allowed to attend Broadway shows, I won't get to see it personally, but in this situation, the jury is still out on whether it is a good thing or bad that dogs aren't allowed. Although they do have some very talented musicians composing the music, Bono and The Edge. The only glitch for me is that I have never felt that Spiderman really needed musical accompaniment. So far, the big song about spiders, Itsy Bitsy Spider, isn't exactly on the charts. Perhaps if it was sung by Spiderman, it might do better, but considering he is usually busy fighting villains, it doesn't leave a super hero much time for singing. This is not the first time that a comic book hero has appeared on Broadway. In 1966, there was a Broadway musical based on Superman, but it didn't last long. It was called It's a Bird....It's a Plane...It's Superman. If Spiderman is successful, it might bring back a new Superman musical. I think Superman would have upbeat music. Perhaps he could perform Happy Feet with some penguins. It would be appropriate since his fortress is located in a cold area, and penguins love it when it is cold. I can envision Batman singing Stuck in the Middle With you if they decided to do a Batman musical. I checked the ticket prices on the Internet, and the prices range from $155.00-$325.00 per ticket on a weekday, and $188.00-$350.00 on the weekend. This dog would be skipping the show even if I were allowed to attend. At those prices a dog could buy a lot of Burger King, dingo bones, and Yummy Chummies. The humans are impractical with money, but not us dogs. We have our priorities.

I hope that the humans who pay so much to go to the new musical enjoy it, but this dog will stay home and chew on a dingo bone. It is hard to beat the entertainment value of a dingo bone!

Demon Flash Bandit (Broadway Critic)


  1. We'll admit we don't get it -

    It seems like lots and lots of green papers fur something that just doesn't seem to be Broadway worthy -


  2. We saw this on 60 Minutes. With Bono and The Edge doing the music, this might be really good.