Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Book Genre--Dogoir

I was just reading about about a new genre of books that is classed as the dogoir. These are dog books. Finally, dogs have begun to get the attention we so richly deserve. There are a record number of these books on the best seller list. Why this is a "surprise" to some of the humans shows just how self absorbed the humans can be. Quite frankly, after watching my humans, they live very uninteresting lives. Most of them get up, go to work, and do other boring things. I have naps more exciting than their lives. When I nap, I dream and dreaming is definitely more exciting than what goes on around here.

One of the recent books Mommy bought that I think is one of the best books in the house is I Has a Hot Dog. This book has adorable dog photos and captions. I think it should be required reading for college students. If you haven't gotten this book yet, do yourself a favor and buy a copy. Don't just get it from the library. You will want to look at it over and over. I know I do.

I have actually written a book myself, but it is a children's book, and I'm waiting for the artist to finish the illustrations. At that time, I will try to get it published. I'm sure it won't be easy considering I'm an unknown author, and also a dog. I'm not even sure if there are any literary agents who represent dogs, but if there aren't there should be. I am happy to announce that I have been busy practicing putting my pawprints in my book. Human authors sign them, but dog authors put pawprints. It is just too hard to write when you don't have thumbs.

I hope all my readers are having a nice weekend. If you have some time to read, I would recommend you read a book from the dogoir genre.

Demon Flash Bandit (Author and Dog of Many Talents)

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