Saturday, November 13, 2010


Angel Zoom Smokey and myself finally got to see Zombieland. Since we aren't allowed in theatres due to us being dogs, we always have to wait for things to come out on dvd before we get to see them. I have already complained in the past about silly rules not allowing dogs in public so I will refrain from repeating the complaints in this blog. I enjoyed the movie. Of course, I didn't see much difference in the humans and the zombies. Zombies were running around like they were in a daze, and that is how most humans act so a dog could have a bit of a problem trying to distinguish the difference. I am very glad that Mommy upgraded to a new hd television in her bedroom and got the bluray player for it. This meant I was able to watch Zombieland in high definition. Believe me, when you watch zombies with oozing sores, you want to see it clearly. When the human in the movie found the yellow Hummer with the arsenal of weapons in the back and he said, "Thank God for rednecks", this dog got all choked up. Normally, I think guns are not really necessary to have around, but I suppose the National Rifle Association has a point when they say, "what if we get attacked by zombies?" Finally, I could see the logic of their argument. Sure, I know that zombies aren't supposed to exist, but if you have one planning to eat your brain, it is a bit late to wish you had listened to the humans who said they do exist. Anyway, this dog will be more careful in the future when I go out....killer tomatoes, zombies, birds....what other dangers lurk outside the door? If I wasn't such a big, brave dog, I might be afraid to leave the house.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, and watch out for zombies!

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Fan of Zombies)

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