Friday, November 26, 2010

Pass the Pizza and Burger King

Mommy offered me turkey for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Although I do approve of the killing and eating of stupid birds, I declined to eat the turkey. I got my usual Burger King, which was delicious, and I ate some of the ham and bacon off Mommy's pizza. Whether you had the traditional Thanksgiving pizza or something entirely different, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time for a dog to start making that special list for Santa Paws. I have been very good this year so I'm sure he will bring me lots of stuff-as always.

Mommy didn't make it to any sales today. She had planned to, but the car was making some odd noises. I think it just didn't want to bother with the crowd. I suspect Mommy wasn't anxious to deal with the crowds either. I don't think there was anything she really needed anyway. For those who braved the crowds, I hope your shopping trips were pleasant.

I am beginning to feel a nap coming on. Thanks for reading what a dog has to say. It always makes me feel good to see that other dogs and people have read my blog.

Demon Flash Bandit (Looking forward to Christmas)

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  1. I've been in the yard
    In the house
    In the yard
    In the house
    Under the tree
    In the house

    Great day, eh?!?