Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Engagement and Murder

Target, a heroic dog who saved the lives of soldiers in Afghanistan and was brought back to the United States to live with Sgt. Terry Young in Arizona was "accidentally euthanized" by an employee at the Pinal County Animal Care and Control Shelter. The director of Animal Control there, Ruth Stalter, said Target was not supposed to be euthanized, and that the employee, who has been put on administrative leave, did not follow proper procedures. I'm not against second chances, but I think this employee should lose that job. There are other jobs out there that do not involve an animal dying if they do the job improperly. I am very sorry that Target, who had been shot in the leg and ran over in Afghanistan, and finally had a good home, was killed by such a thoughtless, human.

I like to write about happy news, and today I see that my pal, the Queen Lady, has tweeted congratulations on the engagement of her grandson, William, to a young lady named Kate Middleton. This dog wishes them well, but I guess I am going to have to let the Queen Lady know that "tweeting" is not acceptable. Birds are evil, and it is very important that the world leaders not be taken in by the little feathered varmints. I assume that with the royal wedding in the works that the Queen Lady won't be able to mow my yard again this year. I'm sure she will be crushed, but it is important to put family obligations first. I hope the new addition to the royal family will be as easy to deal with as my new stunt dog, Phantom Fast Snowman. I've discovered that stuffed dogs are much more docile than real dogs.

It is time for me to mush into the other room and take a nap.

Demon Flash Bandit (Murder and Marriage)

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