Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The bad thing about having relatives work for you is that they tend to take advantage of a dog's good nature. My blog was not written yesterday because the human who does my typing for me decided to go to the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, Michigan to see a play written by Jeff Daniels. He also founded the theatre in Chelsea. Although writing my blog should be more important to her than going to a play, the humans have an odd sense of priorities. Anyway, she is home today, and I told her that she had better sit down and listen to what I have to say and type it accurately because there are readers who are waiting to read my words of wisdom---as usual. I was a diary pick on, and she didn't even type my diary entry, and my readers were all disappointed.

I have some good news to annouce. The local Burger King will be open on Thanksgiving. Finally, my letters to the corporation have been heard. A dog gets hungry on holidays too. The great thing about Burger King is that it is run by the King so whatever he says is how it will be. I bet he read my letters and issued an order to the corporation--stay open so a dog can get his food on a holiday. I hope they decide to stay open on Christmas too!

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I think my humans should start thinking about how thankful they should be that I put up with them. Sure, they are good to me, but I have been kind enough to stay and let them feed me Burger King and buy me dingo bones. They should be thankful for my kindness. I hope everyone out there has a happy Thanksgiving, and although the traditional Thanksgiving pizza is tasty, cooking up a bird like a turkey helps in the fight against global warming in our never ending war with birds.

Demon Flash Bandit (Wishing My Readers a Happy Thanksgiving)


  1. I feel your pain!

    I'm Dogster Dog of The Day...

    Don't woo think that should be worth Burger King or something like THAT?


  2. I saw you were a diary pick and I sent you a friends invitation on Dogster. I thought we were already pals. LOL Conpawtulations on your honor!