Friday, November 5, 2010

Ghosts are Unreliable

Mommy bought both parts of the fifth season of Ghost Hunters last week because she enjoys the show. Coincidentally, Donna Lacroix, who was the original case manager on the show, and then moved on to Ghost Hunters International recently had some negative things to say about the show. Since the world is waiting to see what Demon Flash Bandit has to say about the situation, I will now give my opinion.

First, I will say that it is an entertaining show, and it is interesting. Since paranormal activity is something that is hard to prove one way or the other, I like seeing it done in a skeptical, scientific fashion. That is how a dog would do it. Of course, it is nice that our senses are superior to that of the humans. I do think the show would benefit from dropping the Roto Rooter talk--they can't stay up all night in another city and still be plumbers during the day--they should just give Roto Rooter some commercials. They have moved on to a better job if you ask this dog.

Donna LaCroix says that some of the show is staged, but she was not privy to that information. First of all, anyone watching it knows it could be staged. Unless you have some proof, you should not bark about it. Besides, if it is staged, and all they come up with are the things they have found so far, it is a pathetic show. I know if I were going to stage something for a television show, I would want it to be more exciting that the evidence they get. She also stated that when they say it is their first investigation, it is untrue. She said that often the places have been investigated in the past by other teams. They aren't lying if it is their FIRST time investigating.

She said she, Brian, and Andy went bankrupt because of the show. I have an easy solution to this problem. She, Brian, and Andy should produce their own ghost show. They can go to various places that aren't "haunted" and make sure there are no ghosts. I only hope that they don't accidentally choose a haunted place and then have to stage out the ghosts materialization. It would be just like a ghost to try to ruin a show trying to prove they don't exist by showing themselves. I would not bother doing a show of that type. Ghosts are notoriously unreliable. We've seen it hundreds of times on television and in movies. The human sees them, and then as soon as they report it to another human, the ghost is gone making the first human look insane. I think that is how ghosts have their fun. It reminds me of television shows like Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed, the horse would never talk to any human but Wilbur. This often made Wilbur look crazy. Mr. Ed enjoyed himself immensely, and I suspect that is exactly what is happening with ghosts. They make the humans look insane and then they laugh and laugh about it. They tell their ghost friends who decide to join in on the fun.

I do admit that if I had a haunted house, I would not call in the Ghost Hunters unless it was strictly for investigative purposes. When they supposedly find a "haunted house", they don't offer much help. They tell the humans to tell the ghost that he or she should leave. If you have a deadbeat ghost mooching free rent at your house, I think you would make him mad if you asked him to leave, and then it could get worse. He might decide that you need to leave since he was there first. Getting them to investigate is one thing, but expecting them to help the situation is another. I think they might even make it worse. I know I would not like it if I were a ghost dog and someone asked me to leave. What if they want me to go to a town with no Burger King I would ever cooperate in that situation. A dog needs his burger king whether he is a live dog or a ghost dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Commentator)

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