Monday, November 22, 2010

Answer to Ireland's Problems: Leprechauns!!!

For those of you who bother to keep up with the news, Ireland is having problems financially and needs a bailout. As usual, this is because humans are running the world. The answer is as clear as a commercial for Lucky Charms cereal. They need to start catching some leprechauns and demanding the gold they have at the end of the rainbow. If they don't get some gold, they can at least get some tasty cereal out of the chase. I bet those leprechauns haven't paid taxes in years, and it is about time they helped out some. A bonus would be having them make a pair of shoes for every person in the country. If the humans don't want to chase the leprechauns, let the dogs do it. We love to chase things, and a leprechaun would be just as much fun to run after as a squirrel. It has the added benefit that a dog could put a couple of gold pieces aside after he catches the leprechaun and before he turns over the gold as a finders fee. The finders fee would keep a dog in dingo bones for quite awhile. I am still enjoying the chicken filled dingo bones Mommy got me for my birthday yesterday. YUMMY!!!

Ireland is a very fortunate country. Most countries do not have little people running around that have gold for the taking. I do think that the world would be better off if it were run by dogs. If I were in charge, the economy wouldn't be based on silly things like gold. What do you expect from humans--they are always mesmerized by shiny objects? I would base the economy on things that are useful like food and dingo bones. Gold doesn't do much good if you are hungry. You can't eat it or drink it and it does not, in itself, provide shelter. It only buys the necessities because of the human fascination with shiny things. Give me a choice between a dingo bone or a gold ingot, I will take the dingo bone every time--and I do mean EVERY TIME!

Speaking of dingo bones, it is time for me to go and get myself one. Ireland, I hope you decide to chase some leprechauns. This dog is pulling for you. I would like to visit your country one day. It would be nice if you could chase a few of them to my yard. I could use some extra dingo bone money.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Volunteer to Chase Leprechauns)

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