Friday, November 19, 2010

New Planet Discovered In Milky Way Galaxy

There is exciting news in astronomy today. It seems that a new planet has been found in the our galaxy, the Milky Way. There are 500 planets in our galaxy, but this new one is from another galaxy that was absorbed by the Milky Way many years ago. The planet was found orbiting a star called HIP 13044, and it is 2,000 light years away.

I'm sure that my readers, like myself, are wondering if this will affect our horoscopes. I happen to be a Scorpio, and I wonder if the predictions for my life need to be modified due to the discovery of this "new planet". I will now share my "unmodified" horoscope for today that I got from the Internet

"You may be unwilling to seek common ground with a partner today even if it has the potential to make your life simpler. However, you aren't interested in compromising away your integrity. Although it appears that the other person is being difficult, it may be you who is being stubborn at this time. Keep in mind that the outcome of a disagreement now is not important as it seems. The health of a relationship is what ultimately matters."

The only partnership in my life is with my humans or Angel Zoom Smokey, and I suspect the stars are referring to Angel. I think the compromise in question probably involves a rawhide bone because she is always trying to take my rawhide bones from me. Letting her have my bones would be a horrible compromise. Sure, life may be simpler, but it would be simpler because I don't have a rawhide bone, and this dog does not sacrifice the integrity of my rawhide bones just to have a "simpler life". As you can see, my horoscope is so accurate that I can only assume that the stars are watching Angel Zoom Smokey and myself on a regular basis. I hope, if the discovery of this new planet compromises the outcome of my horoscope in any way, that the astrologers will be busy working on the new, improved horoscope so that a dog knows what to expect everyday.

I am quite surprised that they haven't discovered more new planets absorbed into the Milky Way galaxy. If I were a planet, I would head for the Milky Way myself. It is one delicious candy bar so what planet wouldn't want to be here instead of some other stupid galaxy that has no candy? I know I would head for the candy if I were a planet.

It is time for me to get back to my napping. TDIF--Thank Dog It's Friday!

Demon Flash Bandit (Scorpio)

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