Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dogs are Watching and Sniffing!

Now that the election is over, a dog won't have his nap disturbed by daily calls from the Republican party. Yes, they called almost everyday for the past week or so. I'm glad I can usually sleep through the phone ringing or I would be one tired dog now. I can only say that once again, I am proud of Burger King. Paul Siegfried, from a Canton, Ohio McDonalds (I'm assuming he is a franchise owner.) passed out a handbill with their paychecks telling his employees that they had better vote Republican or their pay and benefits would suffer. I found this story to be very amusing since McDonalds is not known for its high pay and good benefits. Many McDonalds restaurants pay minimum wage, and you can't legally pay a person less than that. I would like to point out that I did not read any incidents from my favorite restaurant, Burger King, which tried to force employees to vote either way. This is why I love BK so much--great burgers and an ability to abide by the law. I bet the King would order "off with their heads" to any manager who breaks the law. That is what this dog thinks anyway. This is why I have so much respect for BK--they have a perfect Burger Kingdom with tasty burgers that this dog finds delicious!

I personally don't play video games, but am I the only one who thinks the Supreme Court case of Arnold Schwarzennegar vs. the Entertainment for Merchants Association because of the violence in video games that are played by minors is the ultimate in hypocrisy? Isn't this the actor who has starred in many, many violent movies or is the Terminator the story of a happy ending? I do think it is hard to keep minors from playing them anyway since they can't stop what goes on at home or at a friends house. I don't even particularly like games in the first place, but I think there is a serious problem with Arnie and hypocrisy and reality.

I hope the newly elected people realize that this is their chance to pass dog friendly legislation and us dogs are watching. I might add that we have an advantage over the human voters--we have excellent noses and can sniff out injustice to dogs from miles away. To those who have been elected, we are watching and sniffing.

Demon Flash Bandit (Glad Election is Over)

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  1. Yes, ovFUR but woo know humans:

    We are one day khloser 'til the NEXT one!