Monday, March 8, 2010

Dogs Like to Shop Too

There are some things that a dog blogger needs to discuss, and one of the most important things is why are dogs only allowed in pet stores? Many stores carry dog food, treats, and toys and a dog likes to go in and pick out what he wants for himself. Sure, I know some dogs don't behave, but they allow human children into stores and many of them don't behave well either. Don't get me wrong--I love human puppies, but facts are facts--some of them don't behave as well as the average dog. I think it would be a lot of fun to walk into a store and do my own shopping. In fact, there is a very cool news video on YouTube about a Siberian husky who walks into a store, and goes directly to the dog aisle, takes a rawhide bone and walks out of the store. That dog is like the Rosa Parks of the dog world. All us dogs are cheering the dog on because that dog is paving the way for us to do our own shopping. I'm sure the dog meant to pay, but probably forgot to bring a wallet. For all the free publicity the dog gave that store, the store should have been thanking that dog! My human Mommy was in a store the other day, and a bird was flying around in the store. If they can let a bird in to shop, why not allow dogs? I hope that one day in the future, dogs will be able to walk in a store and shop with or without their humans. As that dog who took matters into his own paws discovered, a dog can follow his dreams--and get a rawhide bone too.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Like to Shop)

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