Thursday, March 18, 2010

Doctors, Veterinarians, and Vampires

Am I the only one who has noticed that monsters seem to be gaining a following among the humans? There is the book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which is a classic romance with the addition of zombies. Another book written by the author of the aforementioned book is Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, which has a cool trailer for the book that can be viewed on Youtube. There is the movie Twilight, which has a human who falls in love with a vampire and then there is a love triangle involving a werewolf. Zombieland is another recent movie that has been released on dvd. There is also a vampire detective on a television show. I think all the depictions of vampires in the entertainment industry is to mask the true vampires in society. I cannot understand how humans can go to doctors. who are always taking their blood, and not realize that they are vampires. I'm not quite sure how they manage not to disintegrate during the daylight hours, but I suspect they are in some kind of special costume that looks like a human body, but it shields them from the effects of the sun. They always claim that they are taking the blood to "test" it, but you can't fool a dog. You know they are enjoying that blood while relaxing at home. That "testing" excuse was made up years ago, and the humans fall for it. It is just an added bonus for doctors because they can then tell the humans that they have high cholesterol or some other such problem and not only make more money, but tell the humans not to eat the foods they enjoy because vampires hate seeing humans have fun. I can prove that doctors are vampires--just take a look at the average hospital bill and tell this dog that the doctors aren't a bunch of blood sucking, money grabbing monsters. I might add that veterinarians belong in the same group since they are now big on taking a dog's blood, and their bills can be high too. If this gets any comments that are from the opposing point of view, pay no attention to them because they are from doctors and who really wants to hear the opinions of vampires.

Demon Flash Bandit (Most Doctors and Veterinarians are Vampires)

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