Monday, March 15, 2010

A Dog Likes To Choose the Music Sometimes

This dog happens to enjoy music. I often enjoy singing along to the songs I like. In fact, I watched the humans operate the car radio, and it is a surprisingly simple thing to operate. All it takes is hitting the right buttons with your paw. This makes it possible for a dog to turn the radio off and on or change the stations. I suppose your next question is, what kind of music does Demon Flash Bandit like to listen to? I enjoy many types of music, and I enjoy many different artists, but one of my personal favorites is Alvin and the Chipmunks. Those chipmunk singers really know how to rock, and I might add Alvin is very cool the way he is always annoying the human named Dave. I am now going to relate an event which actually happened. I was riding in the car with my Mommy and my human brother William. Mommy had the Chipmunks cd on for my entertainment. William, who is 26 years old, had the nerve to say it was music for children and he changed the station. I took my front paw and changed it back to my cd. Why do the humans think that a dog shouldn't be allowed to choose the music that is playing in the car? He tried changing it again, and I again, put it back on the cd. Let's just say that William gave up, and we got to enjoy the music of the Chipmunks. Subsequently, The Chipmunk movie came out and then its "squeaquil came out so I think that proves that those chipmunks are great singers. This dog has been their fan since I was a puppy. I have wondered if there are other small animals that could do what the chipmunks have done. I got some chipmunks together in the back yard. There is no way that those chipmunks could be stars. Then I tried rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and even possums. The ones in my back yard have no talent for playing musical instruments or even singing so Alvin and his chipmunks are very unusual. You can't just find singing chipmunks everywhere. I did find some grasshoppers that had an okay sound, but they could never sing "human" so they are only good for instrumentals--but they can do instrumentals without instruments so they are talented. I have to quit writing this blog now. I have an appointment with some cats to see how they sound.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing the Music of The Chipmunks)

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  1. Humans are stupid. They will never stop trying to prove that they are in charge. You and I both know what reality is!