Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Don't Scan--YOU Scan!

I have decided to dedicate today's blog to a human peeve (the more intelligent cousin to pet peeve) which has been annoying this dog for quite some time now.  When I go into a store to buy some treats or a new rawhide bone, I expect the store to have a cashier to take my money.  I am not a paid employee of the store nor do I wish to be.  Being employed would be a serious conflict of interest with my main purposes in life which are blogging and napping (not necessarily in that order). Therefore, I do not care for this new idea many of the stores are now implementing called 'u-scan" or "you--scan".  This is a new system wherein the customer gets to be a momentary employee so that the store can hire fewer humans.  (I don't care what they say--it is to hire fewer humans.)  Does the customer get a discount for doing the work himself?  No, he does not.  The customer just gets the thrill of doing more work himself while the company counts more profits.  This dog is getting tired of the lack of service with many large companies now, and it is not necessary to add insult to injury at the checkout line expecting a dog to do his own cashiering.  Fortunately, the stores still have a few actual human cashiers so I go to them even if I have to wait in line a little longer.  This dog has standards and I do not work to let the big companies make more money from my efforts.. If this trend continues, I can just start ordering my stuff from the Internet.  At least with the Internet, if I "check" out myself, I don't have to bother to go to the store to do so, and the item is delivered to my door.  How is that for convenience?

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Does Not "U-Scan)

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