Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Like to Wear Camouiflage

Many humans get upset with their dogs because the dogs dig and sometimes come in from outside situations dirty and mud covered.  As usual, this is yet another misunderstanding between dogs (the more intelligent species) and humans.  A dog digs for a purpose.  There are many reasons for digging.  I will list a few of them on my blog.
1. Digging a hole so the humans may plant something new to enhance the landscaping.
2. Digging for ancient bones--who do you think started the idea of archaeology?
3. Checking the ground for bugs which both humans and dogs hate.
4. Relaxation...digging is very relaxing for a dog
5. Keeping claws trimmed naturally so that the humans
    saves money on  grooming or having the dogtor do it.
 6. Digging for buried treasure.  What if there is unfound pirate treasure in the back yard that would help the humans live a better life?

As you can see, there are many reasons for a dog to dig, and the humans never seem to appreciate the reasons--probably because the humans are too stupid to understand unless a dog takes the time to explain it to them in a blog.  Digging brings on yet another problem between dogs and humans and that is when a dog gets dirty or has mud all over them.  This is a matter of camouflage for a dog.  A dog can't change the colors of its fur like a chameleon so the dog has to make do with covering him or herself with dirt.  Mud does work particularly well, but dirt will do in a pinch if the ground is dry.  Why the need for camouflage?  If you have ever seen an Indiana Jones movie, you will know that there is a lot of competition in the field of archaeology.  It also does wonders for the skin.  Even some of the humans pay good money to get a mud bath which their dog is getting out in the yard free of charge.  Camouflage is also important when a dog is digging for treasure because you don't want the neighbor's dogs sneaking over to dig it up for the human neighbors. The dog next door won't see a dog digging if he is covered in mud!   However, the most compelling reason  is that a dog can sneak up on an evil bird better in camouflage. I am always glad when I'm covered in mud when I have to go after one of those evil birds.  If the birds were cooperative and would fly over and let a dog eat them, it would be a nicer world, but they are birds and  evil is never cooperative.

Demon Flash Bandit (Camouflage--Not Mud)

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