Monday, September 8, 2014

Catering For Kisses!

My brother, Jeff who lives here with me ordered Amazon Prime.  This is largely because he is always ordering on Amazon, and he gets free shipping on most of his orders.  He also gets a bunch of television shows and movies free or at a small cost.  By the way, I am a nice dog to allow my brother to continue living at home, but he is a lot more fun than Angel Zoom Smokey.  Jeff seldom steals my treats, and I tell him what to do and he does it-unlike the other dog who lives here.  (I'm not mentioning names, but her initials are AZS.).  Anyway, Mommy and Jeff are very pleased with the service, and I got to admit that you would not expect such high technology from a company based in the Amazon Rain Forest. It muse be difficult for their employees to even get to work!  Yet they come through with such amazing ideas that a dog has to give them the 4 paw salute.  Mommy doesn't even have to use the computer to watch the stuff.  The stuff is "streamed" from the computer to the big screen tvs without the house even getting wet!  I think that is a special talent because most of the streams I know about are filled with water.

Now to get to the subject of my blog today which is the television show, Catering Wars,  This show only has 3 episodes, but the first one was interesting.  How did they capture my interest?  Because in the first episode, a lady hired the caterers to throw a "Bark Mitzvah" for her dog.  One of the caterers actually said "rich people ain't got no sense" in response to throwing a party for the dog. I did get offended by that statement.  Why not throw a party for a dog?  We dogs are a lot nicer than most of the humans, and we often love out families more than  the human's relatives do.  However, despite what one of the caterers said, they did a good job throwing the party for the dog;  and fortunately for the humans, we dogs are very forgiving partly because we know the humans are stupid so they say dumb things a lot!  The rest of the shows dealt with human parties and were basically uninteresting.  However, as I said,  the first episode is good.  All a dog has to do is fast forward through the human parties because, as usual, they are uninteresting.  In fact, I don't understand why more humans aren't operating catering and party planning businesses for dogs.  We like to eat and socialize even more so than the humans!  We also shower humans with lots of kisses when they are good to us, and what human doesn't want to be drenched in dog drool?

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Wants a Catered Party)

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