Saturday, September 27, 2014

Silly Hats, Politics, Religion, and Sharing Food

I just finished watching one of the sickest "human love scenes" ever filmed.  After watching it, I am amazed that this Showtime program was even allowed to air it in the first place.  That television show is The Borgias.  Mommy bought the second and third season on blu ray.  (She already has the first season), and she liked the show so she bought more seasons from Amazon.)  I was watching it with Mommy, and I could scarcely believe what I was seeing with my own beautiful blue eyes.  Yes, I need to mention my eye color because the humans seem really impressed when I meet them, and they see my puppy blue eyes.  Anyway, in the aforementioned scene, a couple was about to get together, and they started the whole thing with food.  I'm sure all my dog readers will be thinking, "Demon, that sounds like a good start, why are you so upset with the show?".  I'll try to explain it so even the humans will understand.  They started the session with a fig. The woman handed the fig to the man and he took a bite.  Then the woman took a bite.  Then they both put their tongues each other's mouths.  Obviously, each human was trying to score both bites!  I've never had a fig so maybe the figs don't taste good, and the "loser" gets both bites and the "winner" is the one who didn't get anything at all.  However, if the food happened to be a piece of bacon, that would be a no-brainer (which means even the humans "get it").  I would know that both humans want both pieces of bacon!!!!   I should add that the humans playing the roles were thin, Hollywood" types.  I'm sure the fat humans would understand why the dogs are so mad about that scene.  Fat humans are smart enough to know that you can't let that sort of thin happens!

By the way, while I am writing this, I might as well give the show a review while I'm here.  The Borgias happens to be a "historical" show based on real life events.  It would have been better with an all dog cast, but we dogs know  that already.  You don't need to read about it in my blog!  The story is about the church (Catholic) and politics.  I think the reason there was a lot of clerics in the movie is because there was a silly hat convention in Rome during that time period.  If wearing a silly hat wasn't enough, many of the silly hat wearers were men wearing dresses.  My guess is that those humans are trying to pitch a new concept reality show to the network executives  Personally, I don't think it is a bad idea for a reality show--humans wearing silly hats and dresses,...I'd watch that show!   I would wait and watch the whole Borgias series before I post my review, but it was an okay show.  It was filmed well, and the special effects were good.  However, if you are of the dog persuasion, I would stick with something that is better--Snow Dogs or Eight Below come to mind.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Demon Flash Bandit (Love is Never Having Your Food "Stolen")

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