Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Don't Like False Advertising

I have a bone to pick with the state of Michigan.  Okay, forget picking the bone with the state.  I'll take the entire bone myself, but I definitely have a valid complaint with the state.  This dog  bought a lottery ticket that is called Cash for Life.  It is one of those instant tickets that a dog can scratch so I scratched it with my lucky paw (actually, all my paws are lucky paws so I can use any of them).  Afterward,  I told my humans to go and claim my cash for life.  According to my humans, the ticket is a loser which makes no sense because it clearly says "cash for life".  If there is no cash for life then this dog has been a victim of a deceptive advertising.  Since this lottery is from the state, then Michigan is the guilty culprit.  Getting a dog to buy a ticket to get cash for life and then having the dog find out that there is a chance that he won't get that cash is just wrong---WRONG!!!!! I plan to hire a lawyer and sue the state to get my cash. Don't tell the state, but I might be willing to settle out of court for a good bone.  Bones are better than cash anyway since I would buy bones with any money I won anyway.  However, the lottery needs to end if everyone doesn't win.  Who wants to buy a ticket and pay good money for it to los?  I'm sure even the humans aren't that stupid.  I bet they don't know they could lose or they would not buy the tickets.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Deceived by Lottery)

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