Friday, September 19, 2014

No Trap can Hold Demon Flash Bandit

The score is humans: 2 and dogs: 3.  I guess I had better explain this score.  In the house my humans used to live in before they moved here, mice would occasionally get into the garage which was not attached to the house.  Mommy always kept some mouse killer stuff in there to keep them out.  Because this house has an attached 2 car garage, she sometimes gets a bit paranoid that mice might get into the garage and then get into the house.  I'm not sure how that would happen since the door to the garage is seldom used.  (At this moment in time, the garage is basically a big storage area with stuff no one needs.)  Yes, I know a garage is supposed to be meant for cars, but my humans aren't normal.  I think you have probably already noticed that from reading my blogs.  By the way, Mommy does not mind Mickey's cousins, but wants them to stay outside where they belong.  Anyway, Mommy got some glue traps for the house because she thought the traps were disgusting, and she was afraid Angel or I might get into the poison ones.  I once had a great time eating an ant trap.  No, it didn't even make me sick, but Mommy got super upset that I ate it.  Now she won't even use them anymore so I don't get to eat another tasty trap.  Now for the explanation of the score.  Once the traps were in place, both my brothers managed to step on them so the traps caught 2 humans.  Both Angel and I stepped on them and got our paws caught on them.  Then the funniest one was when Angel sat down on one and completely freaked out running through the house because something had her butt!  HILARIOUS!!!!!!!  Therefore, the score is 2 humans and 3 dogs.  No, there were no mice.  I don't think we ever had any of the little critters in the first place.  I did hear Mommy say that perhaps we should get a cat, but I barked that they should just use traps.  I have enough problems dealing with Angel Zoom Smokey.  I don't need a spoiled cat hanging around.

Demon Flash Bandit (I Was Caught in a Trap, but I Got Out)