Sunday, September 28, 2014

Demon Flash Bandit: Dog Film Director

Great news for all dogs---there is now a company that makes it possible for us to make our own films!  Finally someone has read my blog and listened to my wisdom.  I always say movies would be better with all dog casts.  In fact, I know my blog is influencing the Internet world when I talk about getting gussied up, and within a couple of days, I read on MSN news that people are getting gussied up for George Clooney's wedding.  I should start a consulting company to advise the humans on what they should sell.  I'd make them billions!  Anyway, I told my humans to buy me this "dog" camcorder so I can make the kind of epic motion picture that the humans have been waiting for since time began.  Of course, Angel Zoom Smokey and myself will star.  I will become even more famous and iconic than I am now.  I've heard about Paul Newman's baby blue eyes, but that will be replaced with Demon Flash Bandit's puppy blue eyes among the humans.  I'm sure my movie will make more money and be a bigger box office smash than Avatar or Titanic.  I even plan to do a couple of "art films" involving lawn art among dogs which is seldom appreciated by the humans.  For those dogs out there who also want to make their own epic movie, and I can just see Whitley or Finley making one about chasing squirrels, I am going to share the link.  Happy filming!!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Director)